As I pulled out of the grocery store parking lot and onto the highway, I noticed a dozen or more crows passing by overhead and I watch as they all head off to the West, toward the mountains….My heart longs to join them in their carefree and playful flight as they dip, dive, and roll along across the sky.


Sometimes I wonder if I am feral. OK, so I am pretty certain that I am, but I wonder if anyone else notices. Can they tell how much I struggle?  I miss nature, I miss the rhythm of the seasons, I miss the guidance of the moon and sometimes, I even miss the wind.  Not the mean, bone chilling cold that sneaks in and bites at you as you rush from car to building. But the cool, cleansing winds that play through the tree tops and draws pictures in the snow drifts. The gentle soothing winds as it shimmy and sways with the high mountain grasses .

I am grateful for my job.  But in this high heeled world, most of the time, I feel so out of place.  I like to stay busy. The distractions or my daily responsibilities helps to keep my mind and spirit from pacing back and forth, back and forth, watching and longing. Longing for a kiss of sunshine, a whiff of fresh air, the feel of dirt beneath my feet…


Down the road ahead of me, above the passing traffic, over the roof tops and wires, I catch a glimpse of a hawk soaring by on the wind.  I see that the clouds are beginning to lift over Heart Mountain and I notice a sliver of blue bird blue sky…

As the day lingers on, I find myself looking out the window at the mountains and day dreaming, remembering, and longing to feel the comfort of the mountains around me.  I miss nature and the feeling of freedom that comes when connected to the natural world…  Soon…


Soon… the weekend is almost here. And I know that Spring  is on it’s way…





“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it…” ~ Confucius


Life is just full of so many delicious little distractions…


Who’s stopping you?


Take more time to do the things that make your soul happy!



Please don’t tell me you don’t have time.

It’s up to you to make the time.

Turn off your phone, computer, television…

Learn to say NO, when others take your time for granted.

Set healthy boundaries. Stop making excuses and being a victim.

“you only get to be a victim once, after that you are a volunteer! ” ~ Naomi Judd



December 31, 2017




Achy fingers, fogged up sunglasses,  and frozen toes. (At least I think I still have toes)




Took some time on this last day of 2017 to visit this frozen, sparkling, magical land.  Had a little lunch, warmed my heart and I was even able to locate my toes before the setting sun and falling temperatures reminded us that we needed leave.


Stopped in to make sure that all is good and as it should be.

It was.


My cup runneth over

Tomorrow is New Years Eve,

As I sit here reflecting on the last couple of years, I am filled with love, a little pain, and if I am honest, there are even some feelings of  anxiety. When I am still I worry if I am making the best use of my time… Will I have enough time to do the things that I want, need, and hope to do. Of course there are pieces of my life that I need to improve on. But there is also SO much for me to be humbled by and thankful for. Over all, there are not nearly enough words to express how grateful I am for my each day of this life.

What is it about this time of year that makes us start to reflect on the past and look toward the next year with renewed expectations, hopes, dreams and goals.

Why don’t we do that each month or better yet, every morning.

Today is a new day.  24 hours for me to do with as I please.  I will find something to LOVE, something that humbles me, and things to be thankful for.   I will cherish every morsel of time that I have.


~ Here is to filling each day with even more sweet memories



September 9, 2017

If I told you that this was the highlight of my weekend, I would be lying. It wasn’t just about this moment, but a whole handful of moments all rolled into one great weekend spent in the wilderness…


picking wild raspberries, learning new trails, seeing new country and tracks in the mud, cooking dinner in a dutch oven over an open fire beside a babbling creek, quality time with my 2 and 4 legged loves.


The changing of the aspens into their brilliant fall colors, the moose that Bill (the mule) was convinced was stalking us up the mountain, sleeping beneath a  brilliant star dusted sky,  serenaded by love struck bull elk…


and SO many more little (big) moments. That was the highlight of my weekend.





Labor Day Weekend (part 2)


September 4, 2017

I woke on the cot again this morning, stiff and sore, with a small white dog curled against my legs, pinning me in the sleeping bag…but you already know the rest of that story.

Today we took a trail up to where the water comes from, and then we went further, up and over, and down and around. Watched a couple of young bulls across the draw. I longed for my camera, but didn’t want to stop everyone and dig into the panniers to retrieve it. Three days in the mountains and I have only used the camera on my cell to record the abundance of beauty that surrounds us. I need to figure out a way to remedy that.

Another beautiful day enjoyed with great people. Tomorrow I head back home to get ready to return to work. But I take with me the memories of these places, recharged and refocused.

~ until next time…