Moments from May…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, I guess I will just let these photos from May tell the story for me, while I continue to try and catch up on photos for June, July, and now August 🙂 Whew! Busy month of satisfying work, play, and quality time! To be continued...... Continue Reading →

April 8-30, 2017

April 8th~ With the return of the weekend we headed north to the property again. The views from this place are so unique and ever-changing, some days it's hard to stay focused on the tasks that need completing. April 9th Winter continues to struggle for a hold on this land. But, all too soon, I... Continue Reading →


July 27th, 2017 Last Sunday morning I finally found some time to go outside to the chaise lounge on our patio. I curled up under an old beloved blanket. A hot cup of coffee beside me and birds of every size and shape wiping by my head arguing over who gets what from the feeders... Continue Reading →

Ides of March Here I am once more, looking back on a month that has come and gone. It is already a few days into April and I still haven’t figured out where February has snuck off to. Again, I did not post as frequently as I had planned, but at least I am being... Continue Reading →

Better to SEE you with

March 2,2017 Not real sure where the month of February went, but I am going to blame it on the Leap Year, or maybe it was a full moon. Either way, it was a beautiful month and I am loving that it is daylight on my morning and evening commutes again. Have I mentioned lately... Continue Reading →

Week days

Jan 18th~ 2017 Today, like all week days, was a work day. I left my camera at home, had to do grocery shopping over my lunch hour and hurried home after work to fix dinner. Needless to say, I wasn't able to venture outside, other than the few moments between my vehicle and destination. However,... Continue Reading →


January 16th ~2017 "Winter lasts six months here. Prevailing winds spill snow drifts to the east, and new storms from the northwest replenish them. This white bulk is sometimes dizzying, even nauseating, to look at. At twenty, thirty and even forty degrees below zero, not only does your car not work, but neither does your... Continue Reading →

Least I forget…

Life changes- that is a given, and over the past couple of months my life has taken on a few significant changes. First of all- I got married! I fell in love with this man about 4 years ago for his strength and  integrity, and for how he makes me feel. He feels like home.... Continue Reading →

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