Every so often I find myself logging in to this site. I sit here a while and try to come up with something that I want to share. I have a computer full of photographs. Photographs of my life. Time spent in nature, and special moments spent with people I love. Photographs of the simple little details… each one of them stirring deep memories.


So why haven’t I updated this site more? I am not really sure. Maybe I don’t have time, maybe I worry that its to personal or that if I start to share again, that this too won’t be real.

Yet, how can it not be? Standing alone on the side of a mountain at 3 a.m. marveling at the beauty of the early morning moon as it slowly vanishes behind the tree line.  The bite of the early morning frost on your skin as you watch your breath rise to blend with the sparkling fog in an alpine meadow. To feel the kiss of sun on your skin and the touch of wind in your hair. The creak of leather.  The rich, pungent smell of animals and earth. The depth of color and texture in Nature and the beauty that she provides. Those special, heart stopping details.

~ How can that not be real?


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