We all have stories and memories of childhood that come back to us at the strangest times.
A smell, a sound, or something you see, that sparks a memory and takes you back in time to a forgotten place.
For me this  childhood memory was awakened one morning in my driveway as I headed to work. I looked up the valley and this little cloud caught my attention.
“Mom’s little cloud.” The words just popped into my mind and I stopped and took a quick picture, but as I drove to work, I found myself looking at the sky and trying to recall what event transpired that started that  saying. Part of me wants to say that it was supposed to be a bad omen, but since I forever will be a “glass half full” kind of girl, I will always search for the best in any situation.  And since the experiences in my life have proven to me that everything truly does happen for a reason. ~
 I love clouds.  A cloudless sky can be bland and boring…bleak, as a matter of fact.
But clouds add dimension and interest.
Clouds are beautiful, inspiring and ever changing.
Even mid-day clouds are beautiful.
Clouds bring change, new life, grass, flowers.
I still recall hearing those words growing up.
“Mom’s little cloud.”
But I also know now that
sunsets and sunrises are made so much more spectacular with clouds.
So the next time a little cloud in the sky captures your attention.
Know that it is indeed, “mom’s little cloud” ~  and with it great things are coming
(and maybe you should take a minute and call your mom 🙂

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