Have I mentioned?

I sit here tonight reflecting on some of the things that rattled around
my brain today.  (Scary I know)

It is only Wednesday, but I am SO ready for the weekend. I feel like something inside is  drying up. I need an outside adventure so that nature can blow the weeks worth of  dust and cobwebs off of my soul.

Working a full time job in town, is not easy for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have a steady job and to be able to work with, and for good people.  Truly grateful.
But alas, I do miss my time in the wild places. Being a part of the sunrises and sunsets.
Feeling the wind in my hair at my leisure.

It does however, make the time that I do spend outside even more special. (didn’t think that could happen, but it has.) I think winter is getting to me. I am ready for longer days where I can spend more time… outside~

Only two more days.. 🙂



"Have I mentioned lately that I love where I live?"
The first time I typed those words I had no idea that I would ever move or
how my life would change. 
But,  I still Love where I live. 


Today I realized that it really isn't about the 
but rather the 
I live, 
that I love so deeply.

I don't think it will ever matter "where" 
I live,As long as I am able to seek out the untamed places.


And share the space I call home with wild creatures.


Keep me close to nature and I will always find the beauty and the good. 

But having someone in my life who loves and respects me, who not only 
understands, but shares my passion for the natural world... 
Now that makes me love where I live, 
even more.

Have I mentioned lately that I love where I live?

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