Shake it off!


I spent last week trying real hard not to slip into a funk (trust me, you don’t want to go there, that stuff doesn’t wash off :))  Not sure why, I just felt lonely, and irritable. I honestly have no legitimate reason to feel that way. Maybe it was just the lack of Vit D or the gray color to the world as winter ticks on,  I really don’t know. So, I took a long hot bath, with a good book and went to bed. Woke up the the next day and decided that I would focus on all the things in my world that make me happy …


A warm bed~A hot shower~ Coffee~Coffee in a special cup~Coffee in a special cup that was a gift from a special friend 🙂 ~ Creamer in my coffee. (ok. You get the point. Moving forward)~My job~Jim~Jim’s job~Puppies~Mules~Windows~Sunrises ~Thrift stores~Boots~Random conversation~ Big trees out my window~ Birds~Hugs, Deep enveloping, warm, I care about you hugs.~ Hearing a friends voice on the phone.~ Happy people~having things to do~ Feathers~ goals~ Dreams~ Family~ Sage brush~the moon~ time to do what I want, need and love. ~ Respect~ humor~Sunsets~ wine~

and as the day continued, the list grew and I felt better.

I spent yesterday working on a project with my family, and then I took a little time and stepped away to stretch my legs, fill my lungs with fresh air and play with my camera. I sat in the dirt, climbed on rocks, enjoyed the sunset


And played with bunnies.


Nature~ My self prescribed, Miracle cure!



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