A Moment

Tonight I hurried outside in the dark to throw some things in the garbage, but half way back across the drive way something made me stop. I looked around me in the dark, confused, and then I noticed the falling snow. It had started snowing on my drive home from work a couple hours earlier and I knew they were calling for several inches by morning. I had just walked out in the snow. but as I stood there engulfed in the quiet, I noticed just how beautiful the snow was. How it rested, undisturbed, on each branch of the aspen tree and spread its blanket across the ground and up and over the hill behind the house. I took a deep breath, inhaling the cool, clean, silence into my soul.  I was not cold and I wondered how far I could walk before the chilly night would catch me and drive me back inside where chores and responsibilities waited.

I took another deep breath and slowly exhaled watching it float away on little shadowy clouds. I could see the mules and horses grazing in the pasture to my right. Behind me across the draw, shone the lights of the neighboring houses on the edge of town. I refused to turn and look.  In the silence and falling snow, it was easy to pretend that there where not there.  Just me, the moon, the softly falling snow, and the soft crunch and squeak of equine hooves on fresh white powder. I inhaled again, and just stood there, feeling the fresh air in my lungs, my heart beat in my chest, and snowflakes plant tiny kisses across my face…

I stood there…not quite alone… and took a moment…



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