Least I forget…

Life changes- that is a given, and over the past couple of months my life has taken on a few significant changes.

First of all- I got married! I fell in love with this man about 4 years ago for his strength and  integrity, and for how he makes me feel. He feels like home. He makes me laugh and challenges me. He encourages me to do things that I never realized I was capable of doing.

He loves the wild places as much as I do and I am looking forward to the future we have planned together. I know that life with this man will continue to be one heck of an adventure. Thank you Jim Olson for making me your wife. ❤


The second significant change of note: Due to some health issues, my mother-in-law has come to live with us for a while. I will not go into this too deep, as I feel that that would be an invasion of her privacy. But, in the few months that she has been here, It has made me really think and re-evaluate some things in my life. There are far too many people that I know, who’s lives have been, or are being, touched with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia.

My own great-grandmother suffered from it when I was a little girl. Thankfully I was young enough then, that I did not realize the impact this illness could have on a family.  My great-grandmother was a strong, independent and amazing lady. I vaguely recall laying in her bed late at night, listening to her soft voice tell me stories about the farm where she raised her children and the lumber yard where she cooked and fed a passel of rough and hardy men. The stories of the kittens in her barn and the silk flowers she loved to make…..and so many other small pieces of her life. I wish I could remember better. I wish, as I grew older, that she would have been able to remember the amazing  life she lived.

So… Here I am, once again, vowing to rekindle this blog. If for no other reason than to inspire someone else to live fully.  And maybe even to remind me, in my later years, of the life I was so lucky to LIVE…. Least I forget.


I can only hope that my passion for wildlife and nature will never fade. I pray I never forget.  But we aren’t always fortunate enough to retain our health or our memories.

So for now, I am determined to continue documenting my adventures, challenges and accomplishments, as well as my deep love for all things wild. Be that, a day spent outdoors, or just a moment stolen at some point each day. I hope to convey my appreciation for the simple gifts I am given.

I look back at my original blog and with each day and photo posted,  I am able to  relive every emotion of every moment. Some that I am glad have passed, some that I miss deeply. In January 2011, I converted to a web page and for the next year and a half, I filled that with words, photos and memories from my heart. A few years later I decided to close it down, not realizing that when I did,  those pages would be gone (since it was a web page). For now, the memories from those pages are still vivid. But some day they may not be. So I will share my memories here, and …if for some reason, I ever forget~ I hope someone will take the time to read this too me each day…


 January 13, 2017:

Today is Friday. Friday the 13th and a Full moon! IMG_0883.jpg

Driving to work. A moment of awe as I rounded the corner and saw the bright full moon light reflecting off of a soft blanket of white. I pulled to the side of the icy road, snapped a few shots with my frozen camera, and was still able to make it to work on time ❤

And my deep obsession with the moon continues.

(#OPTOUTSIDE DAY1)  Miles logged 2.4 miles

January 14, 2017

Peaceful day at home. Today I felt like I accomplished crossing more items off my never ending To-Do list than I have in months. Stole a little time to myself this afternoon and walked to the post office to check the mail. I took the long and scenic route home. Temperature outside was a welcome 30 degrees.


(#OPTOUTSIDE DAY2) Miles logged: 5 beautiful breath taking miles, outside, watching my breath rise in soft clouds. Hearing the crunch of frozen ground beneath my boots, enjoying the sunlight reflecting off of the snow like countless, brilliant, diamonds scattered across the hills. ❤ Taking a moment to appreciate, more than one tiny treasure in a world of hard, packed white.

January 15th: Sunday.

Catching up, in more ways than one. Cleaned the office today and moved the treadmill (so I won’t have anymore excuses not to reach 5 miles a day). I am hoping that diving back into the Blog world will inspire creativity, I used to look forward to my posts each day and enjoyed searching for something special to share and words to match.


Today, I am running out of words. I spent some time outside, but did not take my camera. Instead I just enjoyed this place that I live, used the moment to get some exercise and to take the puppies for a walk. (some day I will share my pack with you all 5 of them)

Books I am currently reading :

  • “Folks this ain’t normal” ~ Joel Salatin
  • “Creating Moments of Joy”~Jolene Brakey
  • “When a family member had Dementia”~ Susan M. McCurry
  • “The Well Life” ~Briana and Dr. Peter Borten
  • “Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher. The Epic life and immortal photographs of Edward C. Curtis” ~ Timothy Egan (Book on tape that I am thoroughly enjoying on my drive to and from work)

(#OPTOUTSIDE Day3) Miles logged 5.2






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