January 16th ~2017


“Winter lasts six months here. Prevailing winds spill snow drifts to the east, and new storms from the northwest replenish them. This white bulk is sometimes dizzying, even nauseating, to look at. At twenty, thirty and even forty degrees below zero, not only does your car not work, but neither does your mind and body.”  ~ Gretel Ehrlich ~ The Solace of Open Spaces.

So, winter hasn’t quite been around for 6 months, but it has come to visit this year. And like a bad relative, it doesn’t show signs of leaving anytime in the near future. I am dreaming of spring, but it can take it’s time getting here as well. For now my home is full of winter and even with the struggles the season brings, I am venturing out to enjoy what it has to offer~ frozen mind, body and all.


Miles logged 6.9 with a walk in slick bottomed, high healed boots. Down the metal stairs and along the river bottom on my lunch hour. Quite the adventure~ but well worth the effort (note to self~ throw your packs in the vehicle for future adventures)



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