July 27th, 2017

Last Sunday morning I finally found some time to go outside to the chaise lounge on our patio. I curled up under an old beloved blanket. A hot cup of coffee beside me and birds of every size and shape wiping by my head arguing over who gets what from the feeders that I have hung in the trees around the yard.
As I sat there absorbing the relaxing morning, I felt a tugging regret. Why can’t I just seem to find the time to do this more often? Is it work? responsibilities? life? chores?…

April 1-7, 2017


Spring is finally here. Most of the time anyhow.  Jim and I are excited to get back to work on the property. On the agenda this year is to widen the corner by the spring, finish dirt work on the lower road and to get a machine shed built. (My agenda also includes recovering the camper cushions and building some shelving so I can clean it up some)


Breaking Ground

I know.~ Not my normal wildlife photograph. But, this too, is part of MY wild life!  This is just some of what has kept me occupied and away from my camera lately.  Today, we are breaking ground! Quite literally! This country is holding true to the stories, and there really ARE rocks the size of houses buried beneath the surface.


Wildflowers are starting to emerge.

Day 2 ~ Awoke to a dusting of snow on the mountain.  Hoping that Spring will fight a little harder today so we can get more work done. (who am I kidding? That machine has heat and air conditioning 🙂 )


By the end of a productive weekend, the dirt work is WELL on it’s way. Jim has moved a ton of rocks and I am learning that the skid steer is not out to kill me after all. I am so proud the hard work that he does for us and for our future together.


Heading back for now….  Until next time!


I am enchanted with this land. The sunrises, and sunsets. The secrets and possibilities that it holds ~




My job is good. I still wish it wasn’t so time consuming, But, there are always weekends and now that the days are longer I have time to venture out in the evenings.


cell photo on my may to work April 5, 2017

…. to be continued!



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