June 2017.


Week 1

The first week in June brought more beautiful weather. Chilly mornings with breathtaking sunrises. We got the address signs up at the property. Summer has just begun and somehow, in some ways it almost feels like it is ending all too soon.

Carp Diem~ And we did.

Week 2

Took a little nap on a mountain side. Spent a day working on the electric fence. 😉



Spent a little time outside. Met new and visited with old friends…


Father’s Day ride into the back country. The snow drifts this year are unreal and the views were amazing as always.

week 3

Today I went in search of an old peregrine nest that I had located on a couple different occasions…many years ago.

Sitting alone on the edge of a canyon on the side of the Big Horn Mountains, I looked out across the vast landscape. In the distant past, I can still hear the shrill cry of the mother peregrine as she circles over head.

At that time, she was only doing the best that she could to protect her young. Not knowing that her antics are the only reason that I knew they were there. The boys were both with me then,  another one of those memories that I will cherish. I wonder if they remember that day, and this place. But more importantly, what their mom would do to protect them.

There was no sign of the birds here this year. I am pretty certain that there is a still a nest hidden somewhere in this vast web of cliffs and canyons, but not here,  they have moved on.


It’s funny, (strange funny) how things change, yet life continues. I get up and find my way down a crevice into the canyon below. Even from this vantage point there is not sign of the peregrine.  Some where in the distance I think I hear the cry of a hawk. I find a few treasures hidden among the downed timber on the forest floor… Old, and new…



To be continued….


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