It is no secret that life is just too dang fragile, and short.

I refuse to let it slip by, merely existing. I love my daily life, but it is too easy to get stuck in the day to day grind and miss the opportunities to truly live. So, I have been on a quest to do at least one extraordinary, memory building thing each month.

June’s memory started out just like every other work day. Except that this  was the last day of the month and I was left unsupervised at home. So, I put in a full day at work, and instead of heading home, I ended the month by hiking  to to top of nearby Cedar mountain.

(A mountain I have always fondly known as Spirit Mountain, for the historical tales that are too long to articulate here)



As I sat there with my feet dangling off the cliff, the world stretched out before me. I felt utterly and completely alone on the edge of the world. Alone, but not lonely at all. I was awe struck by the vista stretched out before me, the setting sun, and the complete sense of peace I felt.


Today I finally took the time to go to a place I have said that I would go to for years.

Have I mentioned lately that I love where I live?



Spirit Mountain ~ June 30, 2017


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