Cloud Peak


August 19, 2017

* 13,116′ in elevation

(by the end of the day, my ifit claims)  * 26.8 miles

15 hrs on the trail

My memorable moment for the month of August.

4:30 a.m the alarm drags me from a fitful sleep. I roll out of bed and wake the boys in the next room. Josiah is still asleep in his jeans from the night before. I am certain that I slept better than he did. 🙂  I heat some water for a quick cup of coffee and we start to repack our things. I am a bit apprehensive, but genuinely looking forward to  a day (or 2) with my boys and the challenge that lies ahead of us.

6:30 a.m  Backpacks strapped to our backs and a my camera in my hand. We stop in front of the trail head sign for the proverbial selfie (have I mentioned that I hate selfies?)


It was a beautiful morning. A little ice had built on the lake overnight and frost clung the grasses along the trail waiting for the sun to peak over the rocky cliffs above and melt the chill away.










Rocks, rocks and more rocks…

Don ‘t look back son, we aren’t going that way~

at least not until we reach the peak, then we will HAVE to go back that way 🙂


Looking back the way we came



Tyler on the Knife edge, numb legs, thin air, pure determination and heart.

“It’s not about having top of the line gear, youthfulness, or skill. It is about putting 1 foot in front of the other ”  ~ Emma Gatewood.

2:20 p.m. 13,116 feet.



What goes up…



With a brief stop along the banks of a high mountain lake to set up camp in case we needed it. A quick lunch atop a giant boulder, a 1/2 hour detour back tracking in search of a lost item and then time it took to dismantle camp before heading back out, so that we could rest our weary bodies that night in our own beds.

9:30 p.m. 15 hours on the trail.  A mother that was more in need of quality time with her boys than she realized. I am so proud of their heart and determination. Point that drive in the right direction my boys and you will go far in life. One foot in front of the other and before you know it you will be admiring the view on the other side. We all know that just because it’s down hill, doesn’t mean it is easy. Just make sure that what ever you do in life, you do it right.


Thank you for taking time to hang out with your mom. ❤



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