I had an extra day off of work and had been looking forward to a 3 day weekend.

I was hoping to spend at least part of that time in the back country. Saturday and Sunday, priorities took precedence over being able to slip away, but I was still hopeful and biding my time.

Monday morning the mules, horses, and lunch, were finally loaded up and we  headed toward the mountains. As we rounded a corner in the road I could see the draw that marked the trail head in the distance. It was shrouded by a black wall of water. As I watched the storm crawl up and over the mountains,  I felt my hopes of a leisurely ride in the back country wash away.

I had been looking forward to a ride, even if only a day ride, but the prospect of being soaked through, and fighting mud all day honestly didn’t sound all that appealing.

As we turned around and headed back home, I felt quite disheartened.  I went home and spent the day catching up on chores. As the afternoon approached I took a few hours and went for a hike behind the house, hoping that the exercise would change my mood. It was a great hike, but I was still feeling sorry for myself when I got home.

I decided to try and do a little catch up on editing photos. I plugged my camera into my computer and downloaded the pictures that I had taken over the weekend…

and… I was humbled….

“What screws us up most in life

is the picture in our heads of how it is supposed to be” 




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