Labor Day Weekend


~Panoramic sunrise~

This morning I woke up on a cot in a rustic cabin in the mountains. My hips ache, my bladder screams, I feel dusty, dry and weathered,  I really didn’t sleep that well…and I am loving every detail.

Yes, I prefer my huge, comfortable bed and morning showers. But I will give up those luxuries for the experiences that can only be found in places like these.




Finding shade



Lunch break



We came down, where?

Today we rode a trail that I have never been on. The views and occasionally the steep narrow trail were breath taking. I looked off into valleys I have never seen and some that I have traveled before. We all safely maneuvered around unseen bog holes on the top of a mountain, looked up at Franc’s Peak from a new point on the map, and repelled down a mountain side. (who knew you could repel with mules and horse 😉 but I am pretty sure we did )   Rested in a patch of trees for lunch, and filled our water bottles from the creeks before climbing back up and over a high mountain pass to return to the cabin just before dark.



and the day ends much like it started, on a cot in a rustic cabin in the mountains. My hips ache, my legs are tired, I feel dusty, dry, weathered, and a little sun burnt.  I am the kind of tired that can only be gained by time outside and plenty of fresh air… I am loving every detail and can’t wait for tomorrow…


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