The month of August kicked off with abnormally cool temperatures.

I am not complaining. ❤

Things are still smokey.. Beautiful, but smokey…

We were able to spend a little time at the property this weekend. Neighbor cows and fence mending took up the majority of the day. Have I mentioned I’m not a fan of cows? I do however, enjoy a good steak… 🙂


This summer has flown by and I am feeling stressed that I will not have time to do all those things I said I would to do this summer,


So, I best get busy …


July 2017


July? Today is the 22nd of August, but I am catching up, all be it, slowly.

The babies are growing, and the smoke from the summer fires has settled between the mountains making things look, for the most part, dry and hot. But also adding to the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets.



July was once again, full of beautiful scenery and an abundance of wildlife.

and some not so beautiful creatures.


The biggest part of this month (And July’s memorable moment) was spent improving one of the patrol cabins in a place called Kirwin.  I failed as a photographer and only took a few cell phone photos of the work that was done.

But, for me, that does not diminish the memories or satisfaction of the time spent there… now I just can’t wait to finish the inside.





It is no secret that life is just too dang fragile, and short.

I refuse to let it slip by, merely existing. I love my daily life, but it is too easy to get stuck in the day to day grind and miss the opportunities to truly live. So, I have been on a quest to do at least one extraordinary, memory building thing each month.

June’s memory started out just like every other work day. Except that this  was the last day of the month and I was left unsupervised at home. So, I put in a full day at work, and instead of heading home, I ended the month by hiking  to to top of nearby Cedar mountain.

(A mountain I have always fondly known as Spirit Mountain, for the historical tales that are too long to articulate here)



As I sat there with my feet dangling off the cliff, the world stretched out before me. I felt utterly and completely alone on the edge of the world. Alone, but not lonely at all. I was awe struck by the vista stretched out before me, the setting sun, and the complete sense of peace I felt.


Today I finally took the time to go to a place I have said that I would go to for years.

Have I mentioned lately that I love where I live?



Spirit Mountain ~ June 30, 2017

June 2017.


Week 1

The first week in June brought more beautiful weather. Chilly mornings with breathtaking sunrises. We got the address signs up at the property. Summer has just begun and somehow, in some ways it almost feels like it is ending all too soon.

Carp Diem~ And we did.

Week 2

Took a little nap on a mountain side. Spent a day working on the electric fence. 😉



Spent a little time outside. Met new and visited with old friends…


Father’s Day ride into the back country. The snow drifts this year are unreal and the views were amazing as always.

week 3

Today I went in search of an old peregrine nest that I had located on a couple different occasions…many years ago.

Sitting alone on the edge of a canyon on the side of the Big Horn Mountains, I looked out across the vast landscape. In the distant past, I can still hear the shrill cry of the mother peregrine as she circles over head.

At that time, she was only doing the best that she could to protect her young. Not knowing that her antics are the only reason that I knew they were there. The boys were both with me then,  another one of those memories that I will cherish. I wonder if they remember that day, and this place. But more importantly, what their mom would do to protect them.

There was no sign of the birds here this year. I am pretty certain that there is a still a nest hidden somewhere in this vast web of cliffs and canyons, but not here,  they have moved on.


It’s funny, (strange funny) how things change, yet life continues. I get up and find my way down a crevice into the canyon below. Even from this vantage point there is not sign of the peregrine.  Some where in the distance I think I hear the cry of a hawk. I find a few treasures hidden among the downed timber on the forest floor… Old, and new…



To be continued….

Moments from May…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, I guess I will just let these photos from May tell the story for me, while I continue to try and catch up on photos for June, July, and now August 🙂


First Hole
First trip to the property… I think they loved it almost as much as I do.
And so it begins


April showers bring May flowers





Good job guys!


Completed Machine shed!!



Whew! Busy month of satisfying work, play, and quality time!

To be continued…




April 8-30, 2017

April 8th~


With the return of the weekend we headed north to the property again. The views from this place are so unique and ever-changing, some days it’s hard to stay focused on the tasks that need completing.


April 9th

Winter continues to struggle for a hold on this land. But, all too soon, I know that this view will be shadowed in smoke from Summer fires. So I will enjoy it, and it’s ever-changing beauty while I can.



Cast Iron
My obsession with the moon.

April 14-15



April 21-22-23



It’s the little things,
and the big things

April 29-30




Each trip to the ranch, we make progress. Progress toward our dreams and our still undecided future…

It’s been a year since I got bit~my leg still tingled, but today I faced a fear and “got back on the horse” ~ so to speak.



Even if we stay here forever, or change our plans tomorrow. This place will never be forgotten. Some of the most unforgettable moments in my life were spent here, and that cannot be taken away.

Beautiful, memorable, April 2017. We accomplished SO much this month and I am grateful for every moment, challenge and memory.







July 27th, 2017

Last Sunday morning I finally found some time to go outside to the chaise lounge on our patio. I curled up under an old beloved blanket. A hot cup of coffee beside me and birds of every size and shape wiping by my head arguing over who gets what from the feeders that I have hung in the trees around the yard.
As I sat there absorbing the relaxing morning, I felt a tugging regret. Why can’t I just seem to find the time to do this more often? Is it work? responsibilities? life? chores?…

April 1-7, 2017


Spring is finally here. Most of the time anyhow.  Jim and I are excited to get back to work on the property. On the agenda this year is to widen the corner by the spring, finish dirt work on the lower road and to get a machine shed built. (My agenda also includes recovering the camper cushions and building some shelving so I can clean it up some)

Breaking Ground

I know.~ Not my normal wildlife photograph. But, this too, is part of MY wild life!  This is just some of what has kept me occupied and away from my camera lately.  Today, we are breaking ground! Quite literally! This country is holding true to the stories, and there really ARE rocks the size of houses buried beneath the surface.


Wildflowers are starting to emerge.

Day 2 ~ Awoke to a dusting of snow on the mountain.  Hoping that Spring will fight a little harder today so we can get more work done. (who am I kidding? That machine has heat and air conditioning 🙂 )


By the end of a productive weekend, the dirt work is WELL on it’s way. Jim has moved a ton of rocks and I am learning that the skid steer is not out to kill me after all. I am so proud the hard work that he does for us and for our future together.


Heading back for now….  Until next time!


I am enchanted with this land. The sunrises, and sunsets. The secrets and possibilities that it holds ~




My job is good. I still wish it wasn’t so time consuming, But, there are always weekends and now that the days are longer I have time to venture out in the evenings.

cell photo on my may to work April 5, 2017

…. to be continued!